Baking for a Living Course

Baking for a Living Course

Baking for a Living 4-day course

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You’ve been bitten by the breadmaking bug. So much so that you’re thinking of taking the plunge into commercial baking. You need good advice about the practicalities and the pitfalls and a few bread-filled days in which to decide whether this is really for you. Bread Matters is the right place to come because its founder and teacher has done it himself and knows what he’s talking about.  Baking for a Living is also suitable for those already doing it who want to deepen their knowledge of baking with long fermentations (especially sourdough), wood-fired ovens and techniques such as hearth-baking. We don’t pretend it’s easy, but after four days of intensive baking, discussion and hearing what fellow bakers are doing, you’ll be well prepared to join in the bread revolution.

This course is for

  • people considering starting their own micro-bakery or expanding beyond the purely domestic 
  • micro-bakers who want to strengthen their breadmaking skills and get help with scaling up, production planning, costings, marketing and product development 
  • cooks and staff from more conventional operations who are thinking of adopting a real bread approach, in particular learning how to manage sourdough and long fermentations
  • budding artisan bakers keen to meet others like themselves, to compare notes and gain information and inspiration for the important work of making good bread for their fellow citizens.

The course lasts
Four days: 10 am to 5.30 pm; 9.30 am to 5 pm; 9.30 am to 5 pm; 9.30 to 4 pm.

You will learn

  • pretty much everything you need to know to start (or continue) baking for a living
  • typical artisan bread methods and basic recipes that can easily form the backbone of a successful bakery range
  • innovative ways to make breads that taste great, are nutritionally responsible and will satisfy growing numbers of customers 
  • more about sourdough than you thought possible and uncomplicated ways of managing this essential approach to breadmaking
  • about stone ovens (wood-fired and electric) and how to get the best and most economical results from your most important tool
  • vital information on business ratios, equipment, bakery design, costing products, regulatory hurdles including organic certification, and marketing insights accumulated over a quarter of a century of artisan baking for customers small and large

You will make and take home

  • some of the many breads, yeasted pastries and other fermented goods that you'll have made on the course
  • a signed copy of Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley
  • a workbook of ideas, templates and resources to help plan and control a successful business

You will also get

  • coffee, lunch and tea each day (all organic, with much of the food grown on the Macbiehill smallholding)
  • a three-course dinner on the first evening (partners or friends can come too, for an extra charge)

‘My future is fermenting slow and sure. Thank you for your contribution to my life.’

‘I have a new ‘fire in my belly’ for baking. Sad to be leaving. A life-changing few days!  Thank you.’

‘The bread baking itself was excellent, but in this course I really appreciated the discussions of the business side of things, with both you and the participants.’

Detailed Information
Venue Macbiehill Farmhouse, Lamancha, near Edinburgh
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