Valentine's Day

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proving basket and couches

Voulez vous couche...?

I'm really sorry for this feverish outburst of breadpuns. Blame it on an extreme case of gate fever, as we are about to take a holiday. 




Where there is an option to source something sustainably, we choose it, so a gift from Bread Matters will not cost the earth. Our compressed wood-pulp baskets come with instructions for their use and care and there is plenty of advice and information about using those - and the couches cloths - on our website. 


Now, can you prove it?

proving heart

This proving basket will take about 1 kilo of dough and will leave a heart-shaped design on the top of the loaf when it is turned out for baking. To emphasize the heart shape, fill it carefully with a layer of seeds (sesame, poppy or linseed are good), flakes or a contrasting colour of flour or bran. Then place your dough carefully into the basket to preserve the heart shaped design.





This could be the start of something good


The Bread Matters Original Sourdough Starter is a no-waste gift in a biodegradable wrapper, with all the instructions printed on the inside of the packet. 








Undye-ing love

The couche cloth provides a simple but impressive way to prove a free-standing loaf. Ours are cut from organic loomstate (undyed and untreated) panama cotton. There are four sizes, starting at 39 x 155 cms (£7.95). That's wide enough to prove an English bloomer or a French bâtard and will fit onto the average domestic oven tray. 








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