Christmas Gifts for Bakers

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Can we help you?

- to find the right gift for your favourite master baker or beginner? 

Here are a few suggestions from the Bread Matters Bakeshop, starting at less than £5.  

Where there is an option to source something sustainably, we'll find it and choose it, so shopping with Bread Matters will help to reduce the environmental footprint of your Christmas presents. 




   Under a Fiver

At £4.95 the Bread Matters Original Sourdough Starter makes a great stocking filler. 

As easy to post and to use as a packet of seeds, it’s a no-waste gift in a biodegradable wrapper, with all the instructions printed on the inside of the packet. And if you’re looking for a small gift to give to everyone on your list, go for the Baker’s Dozen; a box of 12 at £59.40, plus one for good cheer.



  Under a Tenner 

A proving basket made from compressed wood-pulp will last for years. It’s designed to hold bread dough whilst it is proving (not to bake in the oven) and creates an attractive, artisan style of loaf. 

Each one comes with instructions for its use and care and there is plenty of advice and information on our website. 

From £6.95 for a plain round basket to prove 500g of dough, to £8.25 for a long 1Kg basket with ridges that will leave a pattern on the loaf - they’re all under a tenner. 


   Under £20

The couche cloth provides a simple way to prove a free-standing loaf and it will please the creative baker who wants to turn out a hand-made baguette or bâtard with a flourish. 

Bread Matters’ couches are cut from organic loomstate panama cotton into four different sizes, at prices starting from £7.95. The largest, at 60 cms x 238 cms (£17.50), is suitable for a real bread baker with a range or deep oven and a desire to impress. 



Also at £17.50 is a signed copy of Bread Matters: Why and How to Make Your Own. 

This one comes in a box, with a packet of Sourdough Starter tucked inside. Save £7.45 on the price of the items bought separately.




  Under £50 

A baker will treasure this pair of wooden flour sifters that won’t disappear from the shelf and be used to strain vegetables - or worse. These simple and functional sieves have two sizes of mesh, and cost £32.75 for the pair. 

The Pass It On Bread Making Kit at £46.50 has everything you need to get started on making real bread (at 10% less than the items bought separately). There’s a signed copy of Bread Matters, a small tin, sourdough starter and yeast, scrapers and a voucher for £15 to spend on anything at Bread Matters. 


  Rising Up the Range

For a very special and unusual gift -  this unglazed hand-made stoneware bread dome works a little like a small stone-lined oven, producing a beautiful, rounded loaf with a crisp crust and moist crumb. Created by ceramic artist Sigrid Hovmand on the island of Samsø, Denmark, the dome took its original shape from an artisan loaf at Skærtoft Mill. Each dome is hand-thrown in stoneware clay, coloured with ochre and turned in one piece before being cut by hand and fired at 1300°C.

The large size costs £249. (Sigrid will be making some more small ones for us in 2015.)


If you're still not sure ... 

a Bread Matters Gift Voucher can be used for any breadmaking equipment or course

Free Postage and Packing on orders over £75

If your order is for someone in the UK mainland - and it adds up to £75 or more, we'll pay for the postage.

This offer lasts until midnight on Friday 12th December 2014



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