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11 December 2017

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We have put together two gift packages for the Christmas season.

Here is some more information to help you choose the perfect present for your favourite cook or baker.

The Cook’s Collation at £75 

This selection of lasting, useful gifts contains a signed copy of DO Sourdough: Slow bread for busy lives, along with an original Bread Matters sourdough starter. This dried starter (taken from the Russian rye starter that Andrew brought back from Russia in 1990, will make it even easier for your favourite cook to add a little sourdough...

13 April 2017

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This is a sourdough version of the Hot Cross Bun recipe from Bread Matters.

The process takes longer than the yeasted version, naturally, but the resulting buns are full of flavour, with a characteristic slightly chewy texture.

Patience will be rewarded.





In medieval days it was common for bakers to place a cross on their loaves, perhaps to repel any evil spirits that might infect the bread and prevent it rising.


After the Reformation, such practices were frowned on as ‘popish’, but the cross...
24 March 2017

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We are pleased to continue our support the Real Bread Campaign during 2017. 


Throughout the festive season, we continue to  offer campaign members 10% off any orders for baking equipment, signed books, eco-kitchen ware and anything else from the online shop, including handcrafted German bread knives and kitchen knives. 

The discount can be used on any order worth £25 or more.




The codes for this discount is available from the members' section of the Real Bread Campaign website. If you have any...

26 July 2016

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The July-September 2016 issue of the Real Bread Campaign's magazine True Loaf featured an article by Andrew Whitley about a trip that he and Veronica Burke made to Denmark and Sweden to talk about the Scotland The Bread project and to visit plant breeders, farmers, millers and bakers.

Click on the article image to open it in a separate window.

(Reproduced by kind permission of the Real Bread Campaign)


01 January 2017

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New Year's Day 2017

Our working year usually begins with a trip to the Oxford Real Farming Conference. This year, delegates are invited to bring a sample of soil from their land or any land that has some meaning: this could range from one's farm, to a local park, to even a building site! Every bit of soil has its own story, and ORFC invites delegates to share this story, whilst adding to a soil sculpture…


The invitation included this quotation from Wendell Berry

The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and...

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