Lemon and Elderflower Cheesecake

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This extravagant cheesecake is about as rich as they come. A generously-filled 10" cake tin easily serves 12 to 15 folk at a Bread Matters' course supper. 

The recipe is adapted from one of two little books of recipes from the Moon Restaurant in Kendal, Cumbria. The restaurant is still there, but the book went out-of-print years ago. (I bought my copy in the early 1980s.)

Unlike many recipes for unbaked cheesecake, this one uses no gelatine or setting agent: the rich double cream and cream cheese stand up all on their own. 




Biscuit Base
150g butter
225g crushed biscuits 
(I use Andrew’s sourdough oatcakes or, for a gluten free version, Dove’s Farm lemon biscuits)
zest of one lemon

375 ml double cream 
550 g cream cheese 
75 g caster sugar
225 g elderflower cordial 
2 dessert spoons lemon juice

The original recipe used 1k raspberries plus 1 dessert spoon of arrowroot mixed with a little cold water

10 inch spring-clip or loose-bottomed cake tin



Biscuit Base
Crush biscuits (in non-leaking plastic bag with rolling pin).
Melt butter and stir in biscuit crumbs and zest.
Spread evenly over base of tin.

Using a mixer, beat all the ingredients together and spread over biscuit base. 
Place in the fridge to set for at least an hour before adding the topping. 

Bring raspberries quickly to the boil. Stir in arrowroot. Leave to cool, but not set.
Pour the cooled sauce over the cheesecake and return it to the fridge. 
Or make a sauce from any berries in season, (blackcurrants or aronia berries, with a little ground cardamom, are excellent). Adding sugar when the fruit is boiling and stir until the sauce thickens. Leave to cool and serve with the cheesecake.

The cheesecake will need four or five hours in the fridge in order to set and can be left there until you’re almost ready to serve it. 

(From Macconnell V. and Moreton S. More Recipes from the Moon undated)  


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