The Bread is Rising - a short film about what we do

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Le pain se lève - the bread is rising!


A beautiful short film about Bread Matters grain growing, sourdough baking and change making was released today. Watch it here.

The film is the twelfth and final creation in the I Could Eat a Horse project, masterminded by A Moment's Peace theatre company from Glasgow. In the words of the company:

Food is a universal subject and something that we all interact with everyday. It differentiates between the poorest and wealthiest and dictates the potential of all human life.

It is for these reasons A Moment’s Peace made the decision to begin researching the human stories behind its significance and the meaning it has within our everyday lives.

Filming took place in September 2013 during the second Sourdough Exchange - in which young people trade some physical work on the Bread Matters agroforestry project for learning about organic grain growing and processing and a day's sourdough baking. They leave with a piece of Macbiehill in their hearts and some sourdough in their hands, ready to spread their knowledge far and wide and to build a better food system.

The bread is indeed rising. Some of the Sourdough Exchangers have sown wheat and baked bread with school children in Edinburgh. One is the prime mover behind a student-run micro-bakery emerging at Stirling University. Others are involved in community food projects in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The bucolic scenes in the film are far from escapist. The beauty of a small-scale harvest of vital grain connects and inspires people to get the bread right – for good and all.



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