Scottish Bread Boards

Scottish Bread Boards

Bread boards from native Scottish wood

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These bread boards have been crafted for Bread Matters by Andrew Rennie of Lanarkshire. Each is made from a single piece of local hardwood, sustainably sourced from the Clyde valley and surrounding area. Choose between oak and beech. Oak is slightly lighter and more yellow, with one characteristic edge of rich brown, suggesting the bark of a mature tree. Beech has a more pink hue and a distinctive, unpredictable pattern of brown waves. It bears no relation to the beech block boards and worktops we have all become familiar with. 
Beech bread board
Underside of beech bread board
The boards are a chunky but manageable 2cm deep and have cut out ‘handles’ that make them easy to lift and move around. One side is a straight and regular 40cms and the width is approximately 27cms as the other side retains the irregular and unfinished edge of the wood.
Each board is treated with organic, cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil. We have chosen this because it hardens slightly, brings out the natural colour and beauty of the wood and is not allergenic. Wood has natural antiseptic properties and is kind to your kitchen knives. It is easy to care for: wiping with a dry or slightly damp cloth is more than enough if you’ve only used it to cut bread. It won’t take kindly to being soaked, left damp or scrubbed enthusiastically with harsh cleaning fluids. You may want to oil it every few months (and more in the first year of its life with you) to prevent drying and shrinkage. We recommend granoVita virgin flax oil but olive oil and (if allergies aren’t a consideration) peanut or another nut oil works well. 
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