Fine Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

 Fine Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag
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This soft and light drawstring bag is made from 100% organic cotton voile. 

It is useful as a bread bag, keeping insects off and crumbs in, whether in a bread bin or on the kitchen table.

We also recommend it for packing and storing delicate clothes safely, or for keeping washing or underwear separate in your suitcase. The natural, creamy colour and transparent, gauzy appearance make it an attractive, reusable wrapping for gifts such as food, toiletries or fabrics.

The bag is washable at 60 ℃ and will remain as soft as silk. Should it discolour (for example when used to wrap food), a little Ecover bleach in the wash will restore its natural hue. 

Measures 40cm x 45cm.

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