Professional Nail Brush

Professional Nail Brush
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Hygienic, durable nailbrush

We have tried various eco-friendly wooden brushes for nail cleaning and none have lasted, or continued to perform properly, for very long. We now use these in the baking studio, bathrooms and kitchen. 

Salmon Hygiene Technology produces these plastic brushes with a very effective way of retaining the brush filaments. Each tuft is stapled into the brush back with food-grade stainless steel staples before epoxy resin is floated in. The tufts are flexible, and long enough to clean nails thoroughly. 

The nailbrush does not degrade and lasts for years. It stays clean without much attention but when soap or dough residue does build up, the best way to clean it is with another nailbrush of the same kind. When you have one, you are bound to want another soon, so why not start with two? 

Dimensions: 12cm x 4.5cm x 4cm

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