Organic Muslin Cloth

Organic Muslin Cloth
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This generous square measuring 80 x 80 cm (31.5'' x 31.5'')  is 100% Soil Association and GOTS certified organic cotton. 

The multi-purpose, large muslin square can be used for everything from facial cleansing and body treatments, to baby care, kitchen cleaning, drying glass or food preparation. It is useful for wrapping a fresh loaf or for protecting, say, cheese or salami in a cool larder when you don’t want to chill them in a fridge. 

The fine muslin dries much more quickly than a regular terry cloth or towel and is therefore more hygienic. It can be washed in temperatures up to 90dC but is likely to shrink a little: it helps to give it a few cooler washes first. 

Muslin is the perfect material to use as a 'cheese cloth' for squeezing juice from pulped fruit in jam making. Fruits such as currants may discolour the muslin. A little ecover bleach in the wash when necessary will help to restore it: we advise keeping one muslin for this purpose and others for more general uses. (We’re told that these even include use as an emergency nappy or an arm sling.)


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