Baking-tins, silicone coated, used

Baking-tins, silicone coated, used
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Baking tins, silicone-coated, small, used

These tins are the same high-sided shape as Bread Matters’ current small (black) tin. They are the perfect design for making a bread such as Borodinsky, using a very wet rye dough. Of course, they work very well for enriched tea breads and cakes as well. 

The tins were made in Yorkshire for Bread Matters from sturdy, bakery-grade alu-steel and have a non-stick, silicone coating. The coating has worn slightly at some of the edges. This doesn’t affect the tin’s non-stick properties. We recommend soaking and cleaning the tin with a brush rather than doing any vigorous scrubbing or scraping.

Dimensions of these tins: Top inside – 159 x 95 mm; Bottom outside – 136 x 76 mm; Depth – 95 mm

As a rough guide, these tins will take the following amounts of various types of dough (bearing in mind that the more refined flour you use, the higher the loaf will rise):

Plain wheat dough – 450-550 grams
Sourdough rye dough – 650 grams

£7.50 each

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