HABO 4/6 Wood Fired Oven

HABO 4/6 Wood Fired Oven
HABO 4/6

Baking area

60 x 70 cm

Loaf capacity (baked on oven bottom) 4-6 loaves
Dimensions (external) W x D x H 85 x 117 x 115 cm
Distance from floor to oven bottom 71 cm
Exhaust connection 
(from the floor to middle of flue pipe)
90 cm
Flue pipe diameter 15 cm
Weight 505 kg
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The all-rounder in the household

Like all the HABO wood burning ovens, the HABO 4/6 is a directly fired oven which bakes with retained heat. About 2 hours initial firing gets it hot and then it bakes by radiating, conducting and convecting the heat stored in its bricks as the temperature gradually falls. This oven will fit four to six medium-sized loaves on the oven bottom, and perhaps 8 in tins.

You can then bake in succession: at a flashy 340°C pizza bakes well (you can even leave some glowing embers in the oven during baking). Big sourdough country breads or plain rolls go in at 280°C, followed by smaller or enriched loaves. Anything sweet needs a gentle bake in 210°C or less – and so it goes on, right down to meringues that will bake perfectly the day after.

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