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15 May 2015

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This superior fruited loaf uses the basic Borodinsky dough (without the coriander seeds in the base or the crushed coriander on top) with the addition of generous amounts of raisins.

Soaked Raisin Mixture

300 g raisins

60 g hot water

360 g total mixture weight

Pour the hot water onto the raisins.  Cover and leave for at least four hours (preferably overnight), stirring through occasionally to make the raisins soak up all the moisture.

Borodinsky Dough

270 g rye production sourdough†

225 g...

14 May 2015

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Andrew Whitley spent two days at Schumacher College in March as part of the Mindful Baking event. On March 24th he gave a public 'Earth Talk' about the tranforming power of sourdough bread.

Baking bread mindfully engages us with three areas of life – cultural, nutritional and political. Mindfulness demands more than simply ‘paying attention’ to the process as we bake. Bread still defines our food culture and, made well, has the ‘capacity to enliven’ both individual bodies and communities. For too long, however, its production has been...

11 February 2015

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Voulez vous couche...?

I'm really sorry for this feverish outburst of breadpuns. Blame it on an extreme case of gate fever, as we are about to take a holiday. 




Where there is an option to source something sustainably, we choose it, so a gift from Bread Matters will not cost the earth. Our compressed wood-pulp baskets come with instructions for their use and care and there is plenty of advice and information about using those - and the couches cloths - on our website. 


Now, can you prove it?


27 January 2015

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Resignation as trustees of the Soil Association

On November 18th we – Joanna Blythman, Lynda Brown, Pat Thomas and Andrew Whitley – resigned as trustees of the Soil Association. We expect fellow members of the Soil Association will wonder why. In a democratic organisation they certainly have a right to be told without delay. 

Below is an edited version of our resignation letter and a shortened summary of the concerns which led to our collective action, following a vote by a majority of the Soil Association Council not to hold an...

17 December 2014

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Tony Singh, the Scottish half of the BBC's The Incredible Spice Men, has kindly shared this recipe with us - just in time for the preparation of this year's organic geese. 

Many of Tony’s recipes combine the influences of his Sikh upbringing with his love of Scottish produce. Here he has added spices and replaced the traditional goose fat with rapeseed oil to cook and preserve the goose legs.





2 goose legs (this recipe is enough to do 4)

a bunch of fresh thyme

500ml to 1 litre of rapeseed...

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