Ceramic Bread Domes – Small and Large

Created by ceramic artist Sigrid Hovmand on the island of Samsø, Denmark, the dome took its original shape from an artisan loaf at Skærtoft Mill.  Each dome is hand-thrown in stoneware clay, coloured with ochre and turned in one piece before being cut by hand and fired at 1300 C.

Bread Matters is pleased to be the only place in the UK where the baking domes made by gifted artist and studio potter Sigrid Hovmand may be bought. Our connection with Sigrid is both personal and professional. We met her at the annual bread festival organised by our friends at Skaertoft Mill in southern Denmark some years ago. We were so impressed by the delicious sourdough wholegrain bread baked in Sigrid’s domes at Skaertoft that we filled our car boot with them at the end of the festival and have been using and selling them ever since.

Each dome is a work of art, with subtle variations of colour and finish – proof, if it were needed, that these are the products of a true artisan. The precision with which each lid fits on its base (with a simple device to make sure it’s the right way round) suggests that the maker has mastered her craft to an impressive degree.

The larger dome will take about 2 kg of dough (a bit less if it’s a very light one) and the smaller one about 1 kg. Click on one to find out more about how they work.

With care, these domes should last for a long time. We send an explanatory leaflet out with each order and full instructions are also available here.