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If you want to live as sustainably as possible in your home, be that in the city, village or rural croft, it’s worth thinking about what you use, how it was made, how long it will last and whether it adds to, or reduces your carbon footprint. We stock a small range of the products that have helped us to create a ‘re-use and no-waste’ kitchen here at Bread Matters.  Most of them are in daily use at Macbiehill Farmhouse: others are tried and tested, sourced from suppliers we trust to apply the same principles and rigour as we do.

Organic Textiles

Green Fibres in Devon, all of whose textiles are both organic and fairly traded, provide our couche fabric , tea towels and shopping bags. When you choose organic items, you are helping to bring protection to the growers and producers, to protect the environment (including precious and insecure water supplies), and to protect yourself from the potential ill-effects from the residues of  thousands of chemicals found on ‘conventional’ cotton. Organic cotton is strong and long lasting.

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Recycling Food Waste

If you have a garden, with space for a compost heap, or even a wormery, it makes perfect sense to compost as much of your food waste as possible. Rather than sending it to landfill, you will be able to enrich your soil with rich, organic matter.  We bought a stainless steel compost pail for the kitchen in 2009. We have washed it hundreds of times and put about eight litres of compostable peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds etc. into it every week.  It has outlived many a green plastic bin with a tricky lid, undersized filter or broken handle. The pail looks as good as new. It doesn’t need to be hidden in a cupboard: nor does it need a bio-degradable compost bin liner.

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