Eddingtons Deluxe Compost Pail

This stainless steel Deluxe Compost Pail looks smart on any kitchen worktop. It has a  4.4 Litre capacity and has two carbon filters fitted inside the lid.

The deep lid keeps out flies and the charcoal filters keep odours from escaping. The sturdy handle sits neatly out of the way until you need it to carry the pail to your compost heap or collection bin.

Use the compost pail for collecting used tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetable peelings and uncooked kitchen scraps. Place some newspaper, card or paper in the bottom of the pail, particularly if you are adding quite a lot of wet material to it.

To keep it hygienic, wipe any condensation that forms on the inside of the lid and empty the pail at least once a week. Wash and dry the pail thoroughly after emptying it. Remove the carbon filters from the lid before washing. You can put the pail in a dishwasher and it will come out gleaming, but it often just needs a thorough rinse. Should it lose its lustre, a polish with ‘Method’ stainless steel spray will restore it.

We also sell spare filters for your Compost Pail. The manufacturer recommends replacing these every four-to-six months. We have found that they last much longer, even with the pail in daily use, and that they will stand up to quite a few washes (by hand) before being disposed of, finally, in the compost.

Dimensions: 28cm (h) x 17cm (dia)