Hygge House Shoes

The last pair of Egos house shoes (size 42 in Blue) was originally priced at £31.95 now £27.95.

Egos of Copenhagen has created a range of colourful felted wool house shoes. The 100% natural wool is breathable but will keep your feet nice and warm while the natural lanolin keeps the shoes resistant to dirt, moisture and odours.

What makes Egos stand out amongst other house shoes and slippers?

As well as making the perfect place to slip your own feet at the end of every day, a couple of extra pairs of these are the ideal indoor shoes for guests. This is the norm in much of Scandinavia and Russia – to remove your outdoor shoes when you go into someone’s home and don some woollen slip-on shoes – and it is becoming more common here. If you like to keep the outdoors out and the indoors quiet and cosy, have a couple of pairs near the door. They cover the embarrassment of a holey sock and are a warm, welcoming gesture. (Choose a size or two larger than you think you’ll need. They will fit larger feet and still be comfortable for smaller ones.)

Egos slippers are entirely handcrafted by artisans in Nepal.

Made from pure, natural wool and dyed with eco-friendly colouring, the fabric upper is breathable and resistant to dirt, moisture and odours. (It will absorbup to 30% of moisture without getting wet or losing its insulating properties.)

The suede sole is stitched beneath the felt, so your foot is in contact with the soft, flexible woollen fabric and the house shoe will gradually take the form of your individual foot to make it superbly comfortable.

Egos shoes are designed in Denmark and have the unmistakable style and simplicity of great Danish design. The raw wool is sourced from New Zealand and is carded, then shaped and massaged with soapy water which causes the small fibres to link together. The wet slippers are then dried in the sun before the suede sole is sewn on.

The Danish company En Gry & Sif has worked with the production of felt products since 2000 and now has three factories in Nepal, where it creates sustainable jobs and provides financial support to orphanages.

Egos is certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation

Size Guide

To measure your foot – To help ensure you get the correct size first time, we recommend that you measure your bare foot from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe. Place your heel against a wall for greatest accuracy (measure by standing on a ruler). We recommend that you go up to the nearest full centimetre.

Selecting your size – If you take a half size or you vary between two different sizes, then we strongly recommend you go up to the nearest full size to ensure the best fit.

UK Size45678
EU Size3738394041
UK Size89101112
EU Size4243444546