K1 Pairing Knife

This versatile knife is one of the K Series of chefs’ knives from Windmühle. With a finely ground and narrow carbon (non-stainless) blade, balanced by an extended plum wood handle, it will cut and slice through everything but the heaviest of kitchen tasks. Very sharp and light, it is particularly suited to paring, coring, filleting on a small scale and anything that requires precision.

The carbon steel blade will easily discolour, particularly when it is used for acidic foods. This will not affect its cutting ability in the slightest.

Always rinse and wipe the blade dry before storing it and, to restore its lustre, you can use a metal polish such as the one in the in the knife care kit.

The handle is made from plum wood with aluminum rivets.

The carbon steel blade is 90mm long and the overall knife length is 205mm

Caring for your knife