K2 Kitchen Knife

Small and perfectly-formed, the K2 is the little knife with a large capacity. It can fillet, slice, chop or carve, taking meat, fish, fruit or vegetables in its stride. With a compact, very fine blade and a slight curve in the cutting line, it will become the tool you reach for in most kitchen tasks (and will probably make several of your existing knives redundant).

The carbon steel blade is ground by hand to remain ultra sharp. Unlike stainless steel, the blade can easily discolour after slicing acidic foods or if it is put away wet.
This does not affect its cutting ability at all; but to keep the blade as beautiful as the well-balanced plum wood handle, always wash and dry it immediately after use.
If your K2 does lose its lustre, a suitable metal polish and wood care oil in the knife care kit will soon restore it.

The handle is made from plum wood with aluminium rivets.

The carbon steel blade is 110mm in length.

The overall length of the knife is 225mm.

Caring for your knife