The Buckel – old, German style breakfast knife

The broad, rounded shape of this blade, with its sweeping back, is one of the oldest known in Germany’s rural tradition and is the origin of its name ‘buckel’. The knife has  been crafted in this style, unchanged, for more than 130 years.

The rounded stainless steel blade, carefully fine-glazed by hand, is ideal for cutting bread and rolls, slicing cheese or salami, and for spreading butter.

The cherry wood used for the handle comes from the northern slopes of Austrian and German forests. It has a soft, dark brown colour and a beautiful, clear grain. Applying a little wood care oil from time to time helps to retain the smoothness and  colour of the wood. The handle rivets are aluminium.

A simple, felt sheath is available to protect the knife when you take it on picnics or journeys or simply for storing it in the kitchen.

Blade length 118mm
Handle length 105mm

Buy the Buckel and the felt knife sheath together at the special price of £19.95  

Caring for your knife