Working with a variety of gluten-free flours and understanding their nutritional, as well as their baking,  properties can be 'liberating', 'enjoyable' and 'much easier than expected', if the comments on this one-day course are anything to go by. 
Some of the flour had been freshly-milled just hours earlier from millet, brown rice, red quinoa, buckwheat and besan (yellow split pea). 
The baking included a simple gluten-free yeasted loaf,  a brown rice sourdough with brazil nuts, a flatbread, pizza bases and a delicious gluten-free pastry (tricky to handle at first but a match for any shortcrust). 
The bakers are Honor, David, John and Margaret, Lorna, Mairi, Irene, Sheila, Christine, Susanna, Ali and John. Andrew, who introduces something new into each course and is always learning, makes that a baker's dozen. 

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