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Bread Matters

Bread Matters wants to “change the way we think about bread’ (as the BBC Food & Farming Awards said of its founder in 2012).

It ferments good ideas, better bread and best practice – notably through propagation of the sourdough starter culture that raised millions of loaves at The Village Bakery Melmerby, founded by Andrew Whitley in 1976. The story of over four decades of campaigning for better bread can be found in here.

Bread Matters is still going strong. We moved to Fife in the middle of the pandemic in 2020 and launched the Flour to the People project, with Bread for Good Community Benefit Society (‘Scotland The Bread’) as the key delivery partner.

Flour to the People won the Innovation category of the 2021 BBC Food & Farming Awards. Earlier the Radio 4 Food Programme had featured it on Sunday 15th August. Listen here and find out more about the project here.

Scotland The Bread is now crowdfunding (ends Jan 31st 2022) to be able to more of this important work. Please help us.

Scotland The Bread’s nutrient-dense flour, slowly milled from diverse wheat and rye populations, can be ordered here along with the equipment and information needed to turn it into life-giving bread.

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