Bread Knife (cherry wood)

Bread Knife (cherry wood)
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The cherry wood series has proved Windmühle's most popular range. The cherry wood handles have a soft, dark brown colour and very clear grain. The handles are ground before being finely polished or oiled. No chemical sealants are used on any of the knives, ensuring that they are safe for food use and that they retain their natural beauty as they age. 

Ground by hand using the Solingen dry-fine method, the stainless steel blade of this bread knife has a scalloped edge, the most suitable for cutting bread. Like a serrated edge, it is used with a sawing action so that the bread is not crushed during cutting. The scalloped edge has the added advantage that it does not drag and tear the bread, even if it has a crisp crust and a soft crumb.

Blade Length: 215mm

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