Bread Board and Grid set (cherry)

Bread Board and Grid set (cherry)
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A wooden board with a relatively soft surface is the perfect surface for finely honed knife edges. Knife blades remain sharper when used on wood. 

The cherry wood used for this bread board comes from the northern slopes of Austrian and German forests. Before the board is made, the wood is placed in a steam bath to remove tanning agents and increase its stability. This gives the wood a much warmer colour than we would usually expect from cherry.

Each board is cut from a single piece of wood. The result is a visible, lively and beautiful grain moving across the board, reflecting the varying growth patterns of the tree throughout the seasons. After being cut and ground, the wood is finished with a food safe, natural oil. 

This board comes with a close-fitting grid, a single piece of wood with carved 'slots'  for crumbs to fall through, which fits neatly into a shallow channel in the top of the board. It can be useful if your bread is still warm, as it allows the bread to 'breathe' rather than to 'sweat'. The board can be used with or without its grid.  360 x 260 x 40mm.

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